An ecofriendly new build joins the sprawling Georgia property as a natural complement to the landscape

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia has added an ecofriendly new lodging option to its portfolio. Designed by David Koiava of Design Avenue Studio, the energy-efficient two-story new build, which includes 45 guestrooms and six suites, was crafted to organically complement the natural splendor of the setting.

“As the hotel’s design is inspired purely by the hyper-local area that surrounds it, the resort’s grounds, and surrounding mountainous landscape, it has resulted in a quite distinctive property amongst the region’s hospitality scene,” Koiava says. “Instead of trying to stand out and make a statement, we tried to seamlessly blend into the hotel’s natural surroundings.”

The reinforced concrete structure is clad with pine and lined with greenery to further harmonize with the environment, even spilling out on the lake shore on one side. Spacious balconies attached to each room further reinforce sweeping vistas, while solar panels crown the building. Contrasting vibrant hues radiate from furnishings, complementing the natural backdrop with leafy greens, earthy oak floorboards, and notes of orange. Custom wallpaper also ensconces the interior with scenery of autumnal forests.